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  About Mildura Wines.

The Mildura Murray Darling Wine Industry Association
(Mildura Wines) was formed in 2005 with the key focus
of creating greater awareness and improving the perception
of the wines of the Mildura Murray Darling.

The role of the Association is to bring together representatives from the wine industry and associated organisations to improve industry capability, communication, marketing, technology and education for the region’s wine industry.

The stakeholders include:

  Association Members.  
  Wine producers in the region.  
  Four local government areas: Mildura Rural City Council,
Wentworth Shire Council, Balranald Shire Council,
Swan Hill Rural City Council.
  Wine industry associations at local, State and National levels.  
  Education institutions and training groups.  
  Regional business associated with the wine industry.  
  Strategic Objectives  
Facilitate sustainable industry development by working in partnership with key stakeholders to increase opportunities, encourage the uptake of
new technologies and grow excellence within the wine industry.
Increase the awareness and improve the perception of the wines of the region by strengthening industry relationships, developing a brand and building
a unified identity for Mildura Wines.
Work in partnership with key stakeholders to improve access to a quality, skilled and sustainable workforce.  
Provide a conduit for communication, consultation and representation to ensure an informed
and connected regional wine making industry.
In collaboration with key stakeholders identify
and respond to infrastructure needs to ensure
the sustainability of the region’s wine industry.
To develop a financially sustainable and relevant industry association.  

Regional History.

The 1830s search for an inland sea resulted instead in the naming of the Darling and Murray Rivers by Captain Charles Sturt and settlers began occupying land for sheep grazing from the 1840s.

In 1887, the enterprising Canadian brothers, George and William Benjamin Chaffey, at the invitation of future Australian prime minister, Alfred Deakin, traveled from California to set up
irrigation colonies at Renmark and Mildura.

The first wine grape varieties including Mataro, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gordo and Shiraz, were planted in 1888, with the first vintage taking place in 1891.

These first wines were well received by the colonies and began
a wine industry that goes from strength to strength today.